[Rd] Making Solaris 10 x86/x64 build of R available?

Tai-Wei (David) Lin Taiwei.Lin at Sun.COM
Sat Nov 11 03:13:02 CET 2006

Hi Professor Ripley,

Thanks for the tip. It worked for me. I'll need to work on packaging 
next and maybe a bit more testing of the steps on another build machine.

I just found out that there is already an older version of R binary for 
Solaris 10 at 

Its readme has compile options:


Perhaps we interacted with different R users. I would expect not all R 
users would want to compile their own R binary, similar to not all Linux 
users would like to compile their own kernel. Without a choice to 
download pre-built R on Solaris, there won't be a demand for the 
pre-build binary. Instead, people would focus on how to build their own 
or would use a pre-build binary for a different platform as an 
alternative. With this option, it might generate some demands.

Only time will tell and I have no intention to speculate or make a case. 
Rather, I would like to identify ways to contribute within my ability 
and attention span. ;) Currently, I am considering different ways to 
post a build of R with HDF5 support. Hence my first email to check with 
this alias before I go off doing my own things.



Prof Brian Ripley :
> On Wed, 8 Nov 2006, Tai-Wei (David) Lin wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> I've been working on a 32bit build of R on Solaris 10 x64. What are the
>> steps for validate a build beyond make check?
> make check-all is a more comprehensive test, including of the 
> recommended packages.
>> Once I am ready to contribute a binary build / HowTo doc, who should I 
>> contact?
> I doubt if there is a demand for a binary build: AFAIK all Solaris users 
> of R have the tools to build from the sources.
> We do have a HowTo, the R-admin manual.  If you tell us what you did in 
> the format of the entries there for specific OSes, we will incorporate 
> the information.  (It is pretty much essential to know exactly which 
> compilers etc you used.) Several other people have built R on Solaris 10 
> on x86_64 (which is I presume what you mean) using the current R-admin 
> instructions, so please tell us about small changes that might be 
> required on your system (and why).

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