[Rd] wishlist: xlim in lines.polynomial (PR#9362)

tpapp at princeton.edu tpapp at princeton.edu
Mon Nov 13 20:00:00 CET 2006

Full_Name: Tamas K Papp
Version: 2.4.0
OS: linux
Submission from: (NULL) (

I was using the lines.polynomial method for plotting piecewise polynomials
(parts of splines).  I needed a feature to limit the range of plotting using a
parameter given to the function (as opposed to par("usr")).  I think that the
following changes would be a nice addition:

lines.polynomial <- function (x, len = 100, xlim=par("usr")[1:2],
    p <- x
    x <- seq(xlim[1], xlim[2], len = len)
    y <- predict(p, x)
    y[y <= ylim[1] | y >= ylim[2]] <- NA
    lines(x, y, ...)

Package:       polynom
Version:       1.2-3
Date:          2006-09-09

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