[Rd] R.exp file for building packages

Agner Fog agner at agner.org
Tue Nov 14 09:11:30 CET 2006

Prof Brian Ripley wrote:

>You may if you prefer use Visual C++ to make the DLLs (unless they use
>Fortran source!). First build the import library Rdll.lib by
>         make R.exp
>         lib /def:R.exp /out:Rdll.lib
This requires building R from the source. There are a lot of things that 
can go wrong if you don't have the right tools. A much easier method for 
making R.exp is documented in the   RcppTemplate  package. I think the 
manual should refer to the   RcppTemplate  package for building DLL's 
with other compilers than Gnu.

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