[Rd] dyn.load (PR#9364)

Duncan Temple Lang duncan at wald.ucdavis.edu
Wed Nov 15 16:07:04 CET 2006

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I was just testing this myself on various machines.
And it behaves on Linux, Windows and also on
my Intel Mac (OS X 10.4.8).

Stefano, is this restriction on OS X still in effect?
(Unfortunately I can't test this on any of my Power PC macs
just at the moment. Just building R-2.4-0 one one of them.)

There is test code available at

The script run.R does the builds and load and unloads
and runs the entire test. Without a programmatic test
it is easy to test the wrong thing.


stefano iacus wrote:
> In OS X you cannot "unload" dynamically linked code. This is a known  
> "feature" of OS X :(
> This is not an R bug.
> stefano
> On 15/nov/06, at 15:27, tuke at senet.com.au wrote:
>>Full_Name: Jonathan Tuke
>>Version: 2.4.0
>>OS: Mac OS X 10.4.8
>>Submission from: (NULL) (
>>I am writing C code to implement in R. I am using R CMD SHLIB and then
>>dyn.load("file.so"). The function I then call with .C("function").  
>>Since I
>>installed the latest R version, I have found that if I alter my C  
>>code and
>>recompile, then use dyn.load("file.so"), the function in R is not  
>>updated but
>>remains as the previous code. I have tried dyn.unload, but when I  
>>use dyn.load()
>>the initially loaded code is used. The only way to load the updated  
>>c code is to
>>quit R and then reopen.
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