[Rd] configure issue (PR#9379)

Kurt Hornik Kurt.Hornik at wu-wien.ac.at
Thu Nov 23 15:27:48 CET 2006

>>>>> gml4410  writes:

> Full_Name: Gordon Lack
> Version: 2.4.0
> OS: Redhat Linux AS2.1
> Submission from: (NULL) (

> Not sure whether this is a configure issue or an R one.

> It's only a minor issue, so this is really just FYI.

> The code in configure checks for the version of makeinfo by splitting the
> version string into a major and minor component.  The tests on these assume they
> are numeric.

> RHAS2.1 shipped with a makeinfo version of "4.0b"

> The result is this:
> =====
> checking whether makeinfo version is at least 4.7...
>  ./configure: test: 0b: integer expression expected
> yes
> =====

> ie: an error reported, but the test passed (4.0b > 4.7!!!).

> And there is no command line option to tell configure not to run the
> makeinfo commands (you can set r_cv_prog_makeinfo_v4=0 in your
> environment, but that isn't "right").

Did you try configuring with MAKEINFO=false in your envrionment?


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