[Rd] Convert multiple C strings into an R character vector

Jonathan Zhou jonathan.zhou at utoronto.ca
Fri Aug 10 22:49:36 CEST 2007

Thanks Seth I got the code to work.  I've actually got a followup question.   

The strings were created from reading a file where an R object was placed in
using "dput", meaning the strings hold R objects in character string format. 
My original intention for doing this was so that the character vector that
is passed back to the R code could be parsed back into the original R
object.  Is this possible?  Currently I'm doing this through writing the
character string to a temporary file with "write" and then reading it back
into an object using "dget", but I was hoping there was another method as
efficiency is key and I will be needing to do this many many times.  

I know the above seems a little twisted in object conversion but I needed to
do this as the original R object was created on a remote host and I'm trying
to transfer the object from the remote host to the local host.  I'm hoping
to not need to do this through bypassing a temporary

Best Regards, 
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