[Rd] R CMD check error, Readitem unknown type 203

Abhishek Tripathi abhishek at james.hut.fi
Wed Dec 12 10:55:34 CET 2007


Apologies if it has already been posted. I searched the archives and 
couldn't find the answer to my problem.

I am building a R package and while checking it with R CMD check, I get 
the following error,

  * checking whether package 'drCCA' can be installed ... ERROR
  Installation failed.

00install.out shows following message,

  ** building package indices ...
  Error in load(zfile, envir = envir) : ReadItem: unknown type 203
  Execution halted
  ERROR: installing package indices failed

Does somebody has any idea what it means?? 
Thanks a lot.

Abhishek Tripathi
Department of Computer Science
University of Helsinki

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