Veikko Leinonen veleinon at mail.student.oulu.fi
Wed Dec 12 17:07:34 CET 2007


Could somebody say if it is possible to compute APARCH-models with garchFit

I have earlier used aaa (garchOxFit) and now I try to use bbb (look below) 

aaa <-

bbb <- garchFit(formula=~arma(1,0)+aparch(1,1),data=nyk) 

aaa works well, but I need other characteristics of garchFit and, therefore it
would be important to know what's wrong with my bbb command (the value of delta
is fixed to 2 and I get totally different coefficients than with aaa). 

How should I write bbb to get similar answer than with aaa? 

Thanks a lot,


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