[Rd] as.Date.numeric origin default

Jeff Ryan jeff.a.ryan at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 06:53:39 CET 2007


I would like to second Gabor Grothendieck's request from September (
http://www.nabble.com/as.Date.numeric-to12962733.html#a12962733 )
on adding a default value (1970-01-01) to the origin argument of

I realize there is good reason to allow for origin to be specified,
but I don't see why it must be up to the user at each and every
invocation if most (if not all) users will simply be using 1970-01-01.

My first contact was building quantmod for CRAN - many more hidden
errors occur as I test  on R-devel.  It just seems to me to be an easy
compromise to what will undoubtedly cost many hours of debugging
across all packages/users.

Thank you for your consideration,
Jeff Ryan

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