[Rd] Metapost device driver

Geoff Russell geoffrey.russell at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 05:38:30 CET 2007

Hi All,

I've started work on a MetaPost device driver (please don't hold your
breath) and have one question about a magic number, see below.

I've copied the XFig driver and renamed everything and this works, I can
open the new metapost() and it works exactly like the xfig
driver. Now all I have to do is the actual work!

There is a magic number in ExtEntries as follows:

     static const R_ExternalMethodDef ExtEntries[] = {
           EXTDEF(PicTeX, 6),
           EXTDEF(PostScript, 16),        EXTDEF(XFig, 11),
           EXTDEF(MetaPost, 12),    /* Is 12 is OK */
           EXTDEF(PDF, 13),

I just picked 12, is this Ok, or does it have some special significance?

Geoff Russell

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