[Rd] rgl update: please test!

Duncan Murdoch murdoch at stats.uwo.ca
Thu Feb 22 12:02:32 CET 2007

(This is bcc'd to a list of people who have had problems with rgl lately 
or who are known to be big users; not cc'd, so you don't all get cc'd 
all the responses on the R-devel list).

I've just put together a test build of rgl, and put it on my web site as



(Windows binary).

This includes a number of changes:

   - changes to configure script from Laszlo Kajan and Brian Ripley: 
should now be much more portable
   - removed deprecated OSX font setting calls
   - texture properties are now returned by material3d()
   - allowed normals and texture coordinates to be specified in 
triangles and quads
   - normals may be specified in qmesh objects, but (at present) 
subdivide removes them
   - material3d() now preserves the values of unspecified parameters (as 
documented, but not previously functioning)
   - open3d() now resets all material properties to the defaults.

Could people who have been having problems with rgl (or just making use 
of it) please test this update?  Some of the changes are very recent, 
and may still be buggy:  but I'm going offline from late tomorrow until 
March 4, so I'm not going to have an opportunity to test them myself 
well enough to want to send this to CRAN.

I'm hoping to send this to CRAN soon after I return.

Duncan Murdoch

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