[Rd] Planet R - a weblog aggregator for statistical computing

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Mon Jul 9 16:56:45 CEST 2007


Planet R - a weblog aggregator for statistical computing

Q: What is it?

A: An aggregator for weblog posts about statistical computing topics,
    focused primarily around the R community.

Q2: Where is it?

A2: For now, at http://planetr.stderr.org

Q3: What's it good for?

A3: Hopefully, collecting resources and weblog posts from people who might
     otherwise not know about each other.  Community-building, you see?

Q4: How do I get my stuff on there?

A4: Send mail to elw at stderr.org, with a representative subject line (e.g.
     'please add to planet r' will be fine..); I'll need the link to the
     RSS feed of your blog or other resource.  If you'd like a personal
     icon in the style of Planet Debian or Planet Gnome (or one of those
     other planetplanet-based sites..) feel free to send along a smallish
     picture or icon as well. (Think 80-by-80 pixels...)

Q5: What sort of things are there?

A5: A selection of weblogs about statistical computing, a feed from
     omegahat, some bioconductor-related content, feeds from a couple of
     journals (including JoSS content, as a subset of the J Computational
     and Graphical Statistics, as well as Royal Statistical Society
     content sourced from IngentaConnect...), the changes feed from the R
     Wiki, and a few other things of great utility to the R community.

Please feel free to contact me directly with further content, media, 
suggestions, et cetera, that you think would enhance the utility of this 
site as a resource to the community.


--elijah wright
indiana university bloomington
school of library and information science

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