[Rd] Problem building R with Sun Studio Compiler on SLES 9 SP3

Len Zaifman leonardz at sickkids.ca
Tue Jul 17 21:44:34 CEST 2007

In a previous thread I had problems on openSuse 10.2 building R with optimisation and discovered that if I wanted
optimisation I need to turn on

-fstore -fsimple1 (the first is to force storage on some Fortran routines , the second is to ensure IEEE arithmetic,
with some optimisation).

That worked for my desktop. The real problem is to work on our servers (Opterons running SLES9SP3)

Make works fine but make check fails in

base-Ex.R  on IO, specifically from base-Ex.Rout.fail:

> if(capabilities("fifo")) {
+   zz <- fifo("foo", "w+")
+   writeLines("abc", zz)
+   print(readLines(zz))
+   close(zz)
+   unlink("foo")
+ }
Warning in fifo("foo", "w+") : cannot create fifo 'foo', reason 'Input/output error'
Error in fifo("foo", "w+") : unable to open connection
Execution halted

Does anybody know what I need to do to get this fifo capability turned on?

Len Zaifman
Systems Manager, Supercomputing Systems
Centre for Computational Biology
Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, Ont. M5G 1X8
leonardz at sickkids.ca

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