[Rd] developing a package: increase the number of functions

Coster, Albart Albart.Coster at wur.nl
Mon Jul 30 09:05:54 CEST 2007

Dear list,
I am trying to develop a package. I used the function package.skeleton to make the directory tree of the package and then build and compiled the package as described (I hope). Now, I would like to increase the number of functions in the package without overwriting the existing package directory tree, so I put these new functions in the directory R of the tree. When I then build and install the package, I can not find the new functions, so apparently they are omitted from the installation. 
My question is: why does this occur? What should I do to get these new functions also installed? 
(I am using R 2.4.1)
Thanks in advance,
Albart Coster

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