[Rd] missing IntegerFromString()

Aniko Szabo aszabo at hpi.mcw.edu
Mon Jun 4 21:54:04 CEST 2007

I have created a DLL not so long ago using C code. My code used the
IntegerFromString() function that used to be exported in the
Rinternals.h header file (and thus easily accessible). Recently I
upgraded to R 2.5.0 and my DLL stopped working. I see that the
IntegerFromString() function is not exported in any of the header files
in the RHOME\include directory. Is it possible for me to use it without
installing all R source files? I can see that the function is in
coerce.c, however it #includes other stuff that I don't have and I am
afraid to mess things about by doing things I don't understand. Or
perhaps there is another function that is intended to be used instead?




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