[Rd] missing IntegerFromString()

Douglas Bates bates at stat.wisc.edu
Thu Jun 7 17:33:16 CEST 2007

On 6/6/07, Aniko Szabo <aszabo at hpi.mcw.edu> wrote:
> Thanks to everybody who responded to my question.
> asInteger(coerceVector(x,INTSXP)) indeed does what I need. I guess there
> is a lot I don't understand about type coercion, as I would not have
> expected it to work.

It is better to use


which will do the coercion if necessary.  When you do the coercion
yourself you should PROTECT the result then UNPROTECT it.  Calling
asInteger directly avoids this overhead without the risk of losing
data in a garbage collection.  asInteger can accomplish this because
only the first element of the SEXP x is converted to an integer.

> Aniko
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> Hi Aniko,
> "Aniko Szabo" <aszabo at hpi.mcw.edu> writes:
> > I have created a DLL not so long ago using C code. My code used the
> > IntegerFromString() function that used to be exported in the
> > Rinternals.h header file (and thus easily accessible). Recently I
> > upgraded to R 2.5.0 and my DLL stopped working. I see that the
> > IntegerFromString() function is not exported in any of the header
> files
> > in the RHOME\include directory. Is it possible for me to use it
> without
> > installing all R source files? I can see that the function is in
> > coerce.c, however it #includes other stuff that I don't have and I am
> > afraid to mess things about by doing things I don't understand. Or
> > perhaps there is another function that is intended to be used
> > instead?
> I think you want asInteger (which calls IntegerFromString).  This is
> in RHOME/include/Rinternals.h
> Best Wishes,
> + seth
> PS: Nice to see you again :-)
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