[Rd] extending package with function calling an Objective Caml program

Tamara Steijger tstex06 at student.vxu.se
Wed Jun 20 16:40:18 CEST 2007


we are trying to extend the R package multcompView in agreement with  
the author Hans-Peter Piepho. The function multcompLetters implements  
so far a heuristic. We would like to add a function that implements  
an exact algorithm and returns a provable optimum result. This  
algorithm has been implemented in Objective Caml and we would like to  
reuse this code. We wrote an R function that accepts the same input  
as the original function and provides the same result format. But  
this function calls the Obejctive Caml executable. This means that if  
the package is extended with this function the Objective Caml code  
has to be included as well and one needs to assure that it is  
compiled the right way if the package is loaded.

Unfortunately are we not that familiar with R and could not find  
corresponding information in the documentation. Does somebody know if  
something as described above is possible? And where information could  
be found about how to do it?

Tamara Steijger

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