[Rd] boxplot and bxp do not respect xlim by default (PR#9756)

S.Ellison at lgc.co.uk S.Ellison at lgc.co.uk
Tue Jun 26 15:02:10 CEST 2007

What is mystifying is that the issue was not present in previous versions, =
so appropriate code already existed.

However, I agree that there seem to be a couple of additional issues that =
I had missed. =20

I am perfectly happy to look at this again myself, though, and provide =
extended code; would that help?


> This retains the current defaults for xlim with at unspecified but =
> explicit specification of xlim. (which is the grouping level axis =
> horizontal or vertical).

But it fails in a few other cases:  if the user sets the widths, this=20
doesn't respect that setting; if the user specifies the location of one=20
boxplot (so length(at) =3D=3D 1) it fails when it tries to access at[2].

This is a somewhat tricky problem, that needs more careful thought than=20
I have time for right now, so I'll leave it for someone else (or for=20
myself in a less busy future, which may exist in some alternate universe).

What I'd suggest you do in the short term is simply to set up the plot=20
axes the way you want before calling bxp, then call it with add=3DTRUE.

Duncan Murdoch

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