[Rd] Building R on Solaris

elw at stderr.org elw at stderr.org
Sat May 5 22:43:33 CEST 2007

> Sun Studio 11 compilers (which are now a free download).
> A set of Open Source tools from www.sunfreeware.com in /usr/sfw.
> A large set of Open Source tools in /opt/csw.
> The latter was new to me, and uses a repository at www.blastwave.org and 
> a nifty tool called 'pkg-get'.  My sysadmin (who has an HP-UX and Debian 
> bias) thought this was the best he had seen, ahead of apt-get and yum, 
> for example.  This box already had everything I needed to build R, 
> including

Your sysadmin will change his mind the first time that blastwave packages 
totally f*ck one of his machines.  They're usually a bit stale.  Building 
your own kit is much more reliable...


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