[Rd] private variables in package.

Vladimir Eremeev wl2776 at gmail.com
Fri May 25 13:27:29 CEST 2007

Thank you for the answer.

Here is everything.


AB2C <-function(a,b,model.type="S") {  

  if(nza!=nzb || nwa!=ac9nw || nwb!=ac9nw) {
    warning('AB2C: Dimensions of the input matrices are invalid')

 [ further calculations, they  do not use ac9nw ]  

ripley-3 wrote:
> R has debugging features: see 'Writing R Extensions'.  Please make use of 
> them, e.g. options(error=recover) will enable you to explore the 
> environments that are visible.
> We can only guess at this, not having function AB2C.
> On Fri, 25 May 2007, Vladimir Eremeev wrote:
>> I am sorry, my previous questions about hiding variables from users in a
>> package were obscure and vague, and would like to clarify them.
>> This should be a basic question.
>> I am writing my first package.
>> It has several functions, which should be callable by users.
>> These functions use several variables, and I would like to hide these
>> variables from users.
>> How can I do it?
>> For example, the package has a function AB2C, which uses the variable
>> ac9nw.
>> If I add the file NAMESPACE, exporting only AB2C, then I get the error:
>>   Error in AB2C(a, b, model.type) : object "ac9nw" not found

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