[Rd] R-Server remotecontrolled via browser-GUI

idontwant googeltospyafterme googel.vs.privacy at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 1 14:11:24 CEST 2007

hi jeff,
i have read your paper from 2005 and your rapache solution sounds
good. i was wondering if u did sth about the state problem... you
should put a changelog on your website. what changes will come with
and what is brew exactly for? it is like a tuned "cat", mixing
r-output and text, right?
so if i build a gui, brew could generate the html. but i dont'have to
use brew, do i? what are the advantages of using brew with rapache?

what do you think of openstatserver btw?

i think there are lots of interesting and promising approaches around
in R-community.
but as with all OSS, same here. many people working on slightly
different solutions for the same problem. and none of the solutions is
feature complete, some are not even actively developed and only a few
are to be seen as stable or beyond beta stadium.
well, i work almost only with OSS, so i got used to it :-)
it's just difficult to navigate thru the possibilities without
spending too much time on recherche.

have a nice day,


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