[Rd] How to create Web service in R?

Duncan Temple Lang duncan at wald.ucdavis.edu
Sat Oct 20 22:41:43 CEST 2007

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Rohan7 wrote:
> Hello all,
>    Is it possible to create web service in R? 
>    Any links or book i can refer!
>   My second question is i'm trying to call a web service using RCurl
> package. The pdf from google doesnt have entire code in it.[ R as web client
> - RCurl package]. It's not written how to send parameter for a function or
> i'm missing something. I want to pass parameter to a function of a
> webservice.

By Web Service do you mean specifically SOAP? There are other Web
Services and each one will involve a different way of invoking
a Web Service method. However, SOAP is the most common and
while RCurl is used to communicate the request and result,
there are many more steps in generating the contents of the
request.  See the SSOAP package from www.omegahat.org for
a mechanism for making SOAP requests from R. It even has
basic support for reading WSDL files and generating R
functions that make the Web Service method "appear" as a local
R function.


>    Please help me for the same.
> Regards,
> Rohan7
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