[Rd] install.packages() and configure.args

Robert Gentleman rgentlem at fhcrc.org
Mon Oct 22 21:04:35 CEST 2007

since, in Herve's example only one package was named, it would be nice 
to either, make sure configure args are associated with it, or to force 
only named configure.args parameters, and possibly check the names?

Duncan Temple Lang wrote:
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> Hi Herve
>  The "best" way to specify configure.args when there are multiple
> packages (either directly or via dependencies) is to use names on
> the character vector, i.e.
>    install.packages("Rgraphviz",
>                     rep="http://bioconductor.org/packages/2.1/bioc",
> configure.args=c(Rgraphviz="--with-graphviz=/some/non/standard/place"))
> This allows one to specify command line arguments for many packages
> simultaneously and unambiguously.
> install.packages() only uses configure.args when there are no names
> if there is only one package being installed.  It could be made
> smarter to apply this to the first of the pkgs only, or
> to identify the packages as direct and dependent.  But it is not
> obvious it is worth the effort as using names on configure.args
> provides a complete solution and is more informative.
> Thanks for pointing this out.
>  D.
> Herve Pages wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In the case where install.packages("packageA") also needs to install
>> required package "packageB", then what is passed thru the 'configure.args'
>> argument seems to be lost when it's the turn of packageA to be installed
>> (the last package to get installed).
>> This is not easy to reproduce but let's say you have the graphviz libraries
>> installed on your system, but you don't have the graph package installed yet.
>> Then this
>>   install.packages("Rgraphviz",
>>                    rep="http://bioconductor.org/packages/2.1/bioc",
>>                    configure.args="--with-graphviz=/some/non/standard/place")
>> will fail because --with-graphviz=/some/non/standard/place doesn't seem to be
>> passed to Rgraphviz's configure script. But if you already have the graph package,
>> then it will work.
>> Cheers,
>> H.
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