[Rd] Adding .PDF files to a package

Rense Nieuwenhuis contact at rensenieuwenhuis.nl
Tue Aug 5 16:34:41 CEST 2008

Deal all,

new as I am to developing packages for R-Project, I apologize on  
beforehand for questions that are too obvious. I am trying to 'add' a  
PDF document containing some detailed information to a package.

The way I understand the Rexts.pdf document, I should add my .PDF  
document to the /inst/doc/ folder, and links to the files should be  
build automatically. However, after building it on MacOSX (10.4)  
using 'R CMD build' and checking it using 'R CMD check', no links  
seems to be present. All checks are OK, but no vignette or whatever  
appears in the help-files of the package.

Clearly, I'm missing something. I would really appreciate some  
pointers on how to integrate an 'additional' pdf file to my package.

Thanks in advance,

Rense Nieuwenhuis

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