[Rd] Florida mirror (cran.hostingzero.net) dead?

Marc Schwartz marc_schwartz at comcast.net
Sun Dec 7 21:21:38 CET 2008

on 12/07/2008 02:00 PM Ben Bolker wrote:
>   The CRAN host in Tampa, FL (cran.hostingzero.net)
> isn't responding, and hasn't responded in quite a while --
> at least problems were reported more than a year ago
> (Oct 2007)
> http://finzi.psych.upenn.edu/R/Rhelp02a/archive/116706.html
> although someone apparently succeeded in July 2008
> http://finzi.psych.upenn.edu/R/Rhelp02a/archive/137451.html
>   Perhaps it's just flaky, and not permanently missing,
> but it still causes problems (especially for new users
> who have no idea what's wrong, they just selected the
> repository that was geographically closest to them).
>   cheers
>     Ben Bolker

There appears to be not much at the main host page either:


which suggests that the host is defunct.

The whois info for the domain shows that they are using WhoisGuard,
which is a service that protects the domain owner information from whois
data harvesting bots.

It would seem reasonable to remove this host from the CRAN mirror list.

BTW Ben, congrats on the Gators win over Bama last night...hopefully
they get into the BCS Championship Game. Is it true that Superman wears
Tim Tebow pajamas...  ;-)



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