[Rd] package development

Jeff Ryan jeff.a.ryan at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 17:14:58 CET 2008

I think the /tmp file gets removed:

ERROR: lazy loading failed for package 'xts'
** Removing '/private/tmp/Rinst625532301/xts'
Installation failed.
Removing '/tmp/Rinst625532301'

At least it seems to when I run R CMD from the shell.

> Yes, there are several options for not distributing tests.  I was thinking
> more about how to distribute them with a simple mechanism for anyone to run
> them, but in a way that they are not run by the usual R CMD check.

You can still distribute the tests in the inst/unitTests directory,
you would just have to make sure that the calling script in the /tests
directory is commented out.

Alternately you could have that /tests/doRUnit.R script (or whatever
you call it/them) check for some environment variable to be set before
running the full suite.


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