[Rd] rscproxy version conflict

Erich Neuwirth erich.neuwirth at univie.ac.at
Thu Dec 25 12:21:59 CET 2008

Simon Urbanek wrote:
> It's ok to use a package built for 2.8.0 in 2.8.1 but not vice versa. It
> is rare, but it has happened before that a bugfix or visibility change
> adds a symbol in x.y.1 that was not there in x.y.0. Then if your package
> checks for that particular feature and uses it you cannot use that
> binary with x.y.0. Again, this is rather rare and you as the package
> author know about it, but to be on the safe side I was recommending
> against that. However, as Brian pointed out this happens far more often
> on the R function level than on the C API level.
> (I know about this DLL version check because it was the first change I
> made to JRI since I wasn't willing to release Windows binary some five
> times a year ;)).

What happened recently was that R still officially was at 2.8.0,
but the binary Windows packages already were compiled with
RC1 of 2.8.1. So by downloading the official versions of R
and then some packages from CRAN one had a mixture of old R and new
packages which is what you describe as "this should not be done".

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