[Rd] Acessing pdf help files (PR#13419)

marcthibault at tanda.on.ca marcthibault at tanda.on.ca
Thu Dec 25 02:50:06 CET 2008

Full_Name: Marc Thibault
Version: 2.8.1
OS: Windows XP Pro SP2
Submission from: (NULL) (

I had Adobe Acrobat 5 and Adobe Reader 9 installed. The .pdf "open" association
is to Reader. 

When I selected "Help | Manuals(in pdf) | An Introduction to R", it brought up
the file in Acrobat instead of Reader. After making sure the default
associations were correctly pointing to Reader, I took the extreme step of
uninstalling Acrobat. Now when I try the same thing, R responds with "Error:
access to 'doc\manual\R-intro.pdf' denied." Outside of R, double clicking the
file brings it up in Reader as it should. Asking for HTML help works fine, so
access to doc\ hasn't really been lost.

It seems that R picks up a reference to the pdf reader at installation time,
doesn't do it right, and refuses to let go. On the other hand, reinstalling R
didn't fix the problem.

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