[Rd] 0.45<0.45 = TRUE (PR#10744)

labonne at st-pee.inra.fr labonne at st-pee.inra.fr
Tue Feb 12 15:35:09 CET 2008

Dear developer,

in my version of R (2.4.0) as weel as in a more recent version (2.6.0) 
on different computers, we found this problem :

 > a<-(58/40-1)
 > a
[1] 0.45
 > b<-(18/40)
 > b
[1] 0.45
 > a<b
[1] TRUE
 > a==b
Something seems wrong here.
but if we do

 > c<-0.45
 > d<-0.45
 > c<d

then everything is ok.
If we use 59 and 19 instead of 58 and 18, the error is not here anymore. 
I guess there is a problem with the envelop object for the comparisons 
between different types in R (as in JAVA maybe) but I am not familiar 
with the R language.
I hope this helps, and that this is a real bug, if not, I am sorry to 
have bothered you.





Jacques Labonne, Chargé de Recherches
"Ecologie Comportementale et Biologie des Populations de Poissons"
Pôle d'Hydrobiologie de Saint Pée sur Nivelle, INRA
Quartier Ibarron
64310 Saint Pée sur Nivelle
Tél : (0)5 59 51 59 80
site web http://www.st-pee.inra.fr

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