[Rd] Mac OS X 2.5.1 / reg-plot.R / tr (PR#10781)

A.R.Runnalls at kent.ac.uk A.R.Runnalls at kent.ac.uk
Sun Feb 17 14:35:08 CET 2008

In building R 2.6.2 from source for Mac OS X 2.5.1 (with
i686-apple-darwin9-gcc-4.0.1), 'make check' fails.  The failure is in
reg-plot.R, and occurs because Mac OS X's 'tr' command (invoked by Rdiff
to strip carriage returns) regards the dagger sign in reg-plot.ps as an
illegal byte sequence.

I'm surprised that this doesn't seem to have been reported before, but
it was already present at least in R 2.6.1

Incidentally, couldn't the handling of line endings now be left to

Andrew Runnalls

Dr Andrew Runnalls,
Computing Laboratory,
University of Kent,

Tel: (0)1227 823821

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