[Rd] the C function drawing a rectangle: heatmap() -> image() -> do_image() -> GRect() -> GERect() -> rect() -> do_rect() -> GRect() ??

Zhaoyuan Fang fangzy_2005 at 163.com
Sat Jul 26 04:55:08 CEST 2008

Hello anyone used to do similar things: search for the final C function that corresponding to the drawing of a rectangle? 

As listed in the subject, I started from heatmap() in R and after several steps reached the GRect() in C. However, then it refers to rect() which further seems to refer to do_rect(), and then, surpringly, do_rect refers to GRect()!!! A dependency circle! How can it work if no functions soly taking the job for drawing a rectangle?  

I know there must be somewhere wrong in my above function "chain", and can you help me to find it out? Many thanks!
Best wishes,

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