[Rd] debug: mtrace(fun, FALSE) doesn't work for me

Rune Schjellerup Philosof rphilosof at health.sdu.dk
Mon Aug 3 14:39:16 CEST 2009


tmp <- function(t=1) t+1
#Re-applying trace...
#Error in `[[<-`(`*tmp*`, 1, value = list(t + 1)) :
#  incompatible types (from list to expression) in [[ assignment

I think this used to work on my computer.
A month ago I upgraded R from r-base (2.9.0-4intrepid0) to 2.9.1-2intrepid.

Apparently it would be fixed if unmtrace is changed from
body(f) <- list(body(f)[[3]])
body(f) <- body(f)[[3]]

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