[Rd] Alt-F4 leaves RGUI console in wait state when closing some dialog boxes (PR#13870)

richcalaway at revolution-computing.com richcalaway at revolution-computing.com
Wed Aug 5 00:05:12 CEST 2009

Full_Name: Rich Calaway
Version: R 2.7.2; R 2.10.0 r48968 2009-07-21
OS: Windows Vista Ultimate SP1, Windows XP SP3
Submission from: (NULL) (

Various dialog boxes have different responses to Alt-F4; all of those launched
from the File menu behave correctly--the dialog box closes and the R Console
window responds to input. 

In the Edit menu, when you select Data editor..., and use Alt+F4 to try to close
the dialog box that prompts for the name of a matrix or data frame, the dialog
box closes, the R Console seems unresponsive, but the cursor does not change,
and all menu items are available. If you do the following, however, you see that
all is not well. Choose New script from the File menu, then enter the following


If you then try to Run all from the Edit menu, nothing appears to happen. Now
choose Data editor... again, and type in a name, such as state.x77. The data
editor opens, and all of the commands you tried to run in the interim now go
through the R Console. When you exit the data editor, it opens again with the
same data set. When you exit a second time, you should be back to normal.

In the Packages menu, the Load package..., Set CRAN mirror..., Select
Repositories..., and Install packages... dialog boxes all behave the same
way--if you press Alt+F4 after opening these dialog boxes, the dialog box
closes, the cursor becomes a wait cursor while over the R Console, and clicking
Stop returns you to the R prompt.

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