[Rd] Bug in R evaluating a huge instruction (PR#14096)

Duncan Murdoch murdoch at stats.uwo.ca
Tue Dec 1 15:58:42 CET 2009

On 01/12/2009 12:50 AM, Jean Couteau wrote:
> Thanks for your time Duncan,
> I join here the instruction that is not correct, hoping that might help 
> you. The file is encoded in utf-8 so you should not have any problem 
> reading it.
> I doubt to that it is an R bug too, but with all my tests i am less and 
> less sure of that.

I have no problem sourcing that file, but I do get an error if I try to 
cut and paste it, because it's a single line of 4890 characters, and 
that's too long.  So this is an R limitation, but it's one with an easy 
workaround:  just add some line breaks into your source.

Duncan Murdoch

> Best regards,
> Jean Couteau
>> Your message has encoding problems, so it's not readable.  Could you 
>> put the code online somewhere where we could download it in its 
>> original form?  I doubt if this is an R bug, but I can't point out the 
>> problem in your code (or confirm that it really is an R bug) without 
>> an undamaged copy of the code.
>> Duncan Murdoch

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