[Rd] R on Windows crashes when using certain characters in strings in data frames (PR#14125)

karl at huftis.org karl at huftis.org
Thu Dec 10 10:20:09 CET 2009

Full_Name: Karl Ove Hufthammer
Version: 2.10.0
OS: Windows XP
Submission from: (NULL) (

I have found a rather strange bug in R 2.10.0 on Windows, where the choice of
characters used in a string make R crash (i.e., Windows shows a dialogue saying
that the application has a problem, and must be closed).

I can reproduce the bug on two separate systems running Windows XP, and with
both R 2.10.0 and the latest R.2.10.1 RC.

The following commands trigger the crash for me:

xy=paste(x,y,sep=" × ")

The last step takes very long time, and R crashes before it's finished. Note
that if I reduce n, the problem disappears. Also, if I change the × (a
multiplication symbol) to a x (a letter), the problem also disappears (and the
last command takes almost no time to run).

I originally discovered this (or a related?) bug while using 'unique' on a data
frame similar to the 'd' data frame defined above, where R would often, but not
always, crash. 

> sessionInfo()
R version 2.10.0 (2009-10-26) 

[1] LC_COLLATE=Norwegian-Nynorsk_Norway.1252 
[2] LC_CTYPE=Norwegian-Nynorsk_Norway.1252   
[3] LC_MONETARY=Norwegian-Nynorsk_Norway.1252
[4] LC_NUMERIC=C                             
[5] LC_TIME=Norwegian-Nynorsk_Norway.1252    

attached base packages:
[1] stats     graphics  grDevices utils     datasets  methods   base

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