[Rd] Recent TeX changes and R/package manuals

Peter Ruckdeschel peter.ruckdeschel at web.de
Thu Dec 10 18:56:31 CET 2009

Dear Prof Ripley

thanks (once again) for your alert


> As far as I can tell, the following CRAN package manuals have been
> affected:
>   distrMod, RCurl, RGtk2, SparseM, VIM, bit, ggplot2, operators,
>   relations, spam, tensorA
> (and only distrMod fatally).
> Given the current pace of change (ca 100 updates/week on 'only' 2000 TL
> packages), more things may pop out of the woodwork.
> For the curious and cognescenti:
> (i) hyperref is having problems with markup in \section titles, which
> 'methods' and 'distrMod' had.  I've added a warning to the R-exts manual.


A priliminary check gave that we had some instances of markup by
\code{<some code>} within \section{<some title>}. We have changed this
for '<some code>' now, but still are checking whether there are
additional things we have not seen so far.

Not an extremely urgent [xmas] wish:

Given that TeX is not the only renderer of Rd, and markup in
titles would be handy sometimes --- if I recall correctly,
in LaTeX there is Heiko Oberdiek's package 'hypbmsec' to resolve
such markup problems within titles; so if Rd-\section command
could take this up, we could still have markup in section titles;

Otoh, given that we were the only ones having fatal problems
with markup, this is probably not so important...

Anyway, thanks for stirring us up.
Peter (maintainer of 'distrMod')

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