[Rd] New package test results available

Thomas Petzoldt Thomas.Petzoldt at TU-Dresden.de
Sat Feb 7 18:30:35 CET 2009

Prof Brian Ripley schrieb:
> We've added a column at
> http://cran.r-project.org/web/checks/check_summary.html
> of test results using the Sun Studio compiler: it is intended that these 
> will be updated weekly.
> The Sun Studio compiler is that used on Solaris: these runs were on the 
> Linux version.  All the other platforms are using gcc 4, so this 
> provides an opportunity for checking for use of gcc-specific features 
> and also standards conformance (the Sun compilers have a long-time 
> reputation for close conformance to the language standards).
> There are known problems where packages use C++ or JNI interfaces (e.g. 
> rgdal and EBImage) as the libraries and JVM were compiled under gcc's 
> conventions (even though a Sun JVMi is used).  About half the packages 
> using rJava segfault, which seems to a JNI issue.
> Some packages use gcc-specific compiler flags:
>   LogConcDEAD Matching amap geometry memisc taskPR
> but the vast majority of the errors reported are C++ errors.  One class 
> that may not be immediately obvious is the use of C headers in C++: you 
> are supposed to write e.g.
> #includd <cmath>
> #include <math.h>
> Symptoms of this can be seen for packages
>   BayesTree EMCC MCMCfglmm MarkedPointProcess Matching Matrix
>   RQuantlib RandomFields Rcpp SoPhy compHclust dpmix igraph minet
>   mixer modeest monomvm multic pcaPP rgenoud robfilter segclust
>   simecol subselect

The reason can also be including <R.h> (as done in simecol) that 
includes <math.h>

Do I understand it correctly that this means that including <R.h> is 
wrong in C++?
I read "Writing R extensions" several times, but was not aware that this 
was a mistake. If I replace <R.h> by <cmath> then it works on my 
systems, but I want to be certain that there are no other side effects.

Thanks in advance for clarification!

Thomas Petzoldt

Thomas Petzoldt
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