[Rd] does file.show() fail with multiple files ? (PR#13528)

giancarlo.marra at bancaditalia.it giancarlo.marra at bancaditalia.it
Sun Feb 15 18:20:15 CET 2009

Full_Name: giancarlo marra
Version: 8.1
OS: Windows Vista
Submission from: (NULL) (

When calling file.show() with, say, n different files, then n windows are opened
ALL with the same content from the first file of the list.

In my tests, it seems to work fine up to version 2.6.2, opening the n files in
the n windows, as documented. It appears broken starting from version 2.7.0.

opens three windows all reading examples1.out

The same if the call is in the form:
file.show(files, header=files)

In this case, the windows headers are correctly distinct, but the contents are
still the same from the first file.


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