[Rd] Interactive Graphics in R [Was: Google Summer of Code 2009]

Oleg Sklyar osklyar at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Feb 19 23:16:47 CET 2009


as promised I attach a simple package that utilises gtkdatabox. It is
Linux only, sorry for that: as it was hacked together in the last two
hours I did not have time for Windows stuff.

Under my Ubuntu I only had to install libgtkdatabox-dev from standard
repos (which would pull libgtk2-dev where necessary). The package relies
on gtkdatabox being found under the standard pkg-config path (i.e.
custom path installs would be difficult until compiler flags are
manually changed). This is for simplicity of ./configure

After installing, simply run example(databox) and use your mouse for
zooming-in with quite a standard left mouse click for drawing a
selection box (a click is required within a selection to zoom in); right
mouse click zooms out. I think it is CTRL-right or SHIFT-right to zoom
out to full scale.

This is a kind of functionality I would like to see. I do not mean the
gtkdatabox, but the idea.

With this one it is quite easy to add more plots to the window and as
the user has control over callbacks it is easy to do autorescale on
multiple plots if required. The limitation is the ruler of the
gtkdatabox itself (no time), no NA treatment, implementation via
increases pix buffer on zoom (rather than off-screen) etc.

I do not know if r-devel will allow a tar.gz source through, but if
anybody else is interested, please let me know and I will send the
source directly.


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