[Rd] Side-effects of require() vs library() on x86_64 aka amd64

Seth Falcon seth at userprimary.net
Sat Jan 31 16:56:25 CET 2009

* On 2009-01-31 at 09:34 -0600 Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> | Without telling us any details about the nature of the bug you found,
> | it is difficult to speculate.  If the bug was in your C code and
> | memory related, it could simply be that the two different run paths
> | resulted in different allocation patterns, one of which triggered the
> | bug.
> Yes yes and yes :)  It was in C, and it was memory related and it dealt
> getting results out of the library to which the package interfaces. 
> But short of looking at the source, is there any documentation on what
> --slave does differently?

The R-intro manual has a brief description:

    Make R run as quietly as possible. This option is intended to
    support programs which use R to compute results for them. It
    implies --quiet and --no-save.

I suspect that for more detail than that, one would have to look at
the sources.  But the above helps explain the behavior you saw; a
"--quite" R will suppress some output and that will make a difference
in terms of memory allocation.

+ seth

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