[Rd] Number of functions, data sets, ..., in a package?

spencerg spencer.graves at prodsyse.com
Thu Jul 9 16:33:32 CEST 2009


      How can one get the number of functions and data sets in a package? 

      I've written a function "PackageSum2" to get an extended package 
summary for an installed package.  I get much of what I want from the 
object returned by "help(package=pkgName)".  For example, 
"help(pac=...)$info[[1]]" is a character vector giving author, 
maintainer, date built, etc.  "help(pac=...)$info[[2]]" is a character 
vector with at least one row for each help page;  I can get the number 
of help pages by subtracting the number starting with blank (" ") from 
the length.  And "help(pac=...)$info[[3]]" is a character matrix 
describing the vignettes. 

      Is there a reasonably easy way to get numbers of (a) functions and 
(b) data sets in the package? 

      I want this for a the next version of "PackageSum2" in the 
"RSiteSearch" package.  Based partly on previous input from this list, 
the package is being renamed to "sos" with the primary 
"RSiteSearch.function" function being renamed to "findFn".  You can 
install the current development version via 'install.packages("sos", 


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