[Rd] Wishlist: install.packages to look for the newest version of a package (PR#13851)

groemping at bht-berlin.de groemping at bht-berlin.de
Fri Jul 24 17:00:09 CEST 2009

Full_Name: Ulrike Groemping
Version: 2.9.0 (and older)
OS: Windows
Submission from: (NULL) (

When using an older version of R, packages are not found although they are
available for newer versions of R and do work when installed with the old
version. For example, installing DoE.base on R 2.8.1 installs version 0.2, while
CRAN is at version 0.4-1 currently. It would be nice if the install process
would per default look for the newest version of the package and install this
one if its R-version request allows this. (I recently found a help list entry by
Uwe Ligges that explains how to manually install from a repository for a newer
CRAN version, but I did not bookmark it and cannot find it any more. The
documentation does not enlighten me there.)

Regards, Ulrike

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