[Rd] xtable formatting: RED for negative numbers?

cameron.bracken cameron.bracken at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 22:31:29 CEST 2009

Ken-JP wrote:
> Is there a way to modify this code to generate RED numbers inside xtable
> for
> negative results in x.ts?

This post would probably have been better for R-help.  Anyway, you can do it
easily by modifying print.xtable.R in the xtable package.  If it is easier,
make a copy of that file, modify it, load the xtable package, then source
your modified version.   

Basically change line 227 from 

result[i] <- gsub("-","$-$",result[i],fixed=TRUE)


result[i] <- gsub("-","\\color{red}$-$",result[i],fixed=TRUE)

and then your code chunk becomes:

x.ts <- ts(rnorm(100), start = c(1954, 7), frequency = 12)
x.table <- xtable( x.ts, digits = 1 ) 
print( x.table, floating = FALSE, math.style.negative = TRUE) 

Here is the patch:  http://www.nabble.com/file/p24726982/print.xtable.R.diff
Here is the output I got: 
http://www.nabble.com/file/p24726982/xtable-red.pdf xtable-red.pdf 

- Cameron

P.S. You must use the color package in latex.
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