[Rd] installation of source package with empty man directory fails (PR#13685)

daniel.sabanesbove at gmx.net daniel.sabanesbove at gmx.net
Sat May 2 13:30:09 CEST 2009

Full_Name: Daniel Sabanes Bove
Version: 2.9.0
OS: openSUSE 11.1 (
Submission from: (NULL) (

- Situation:
Checking or installing an R package with existing but empty man directory fails.
Perhaps this is a feature, but then a nice error message like
"Subdirectory 'man' contains no help pages!"
would be great.

- Error:
* Installing *source* package ‘test’ ...
** R
** preparing package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
Fehler in `[.data.frame`(M, , 4) : undefined columns selected

- Reproduce:
Start an R session, create (at least) one test object and run package.skeleton.
Then R CMD check the test package.

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