[Rd] typos

Luca Braglia lbraglia at gmail.com
Sat May 16 22:46:39 CEST 2009


few typos i've found


Specifying 'ENCODING' overrrides any declared encodings (see



writing R extensions, pag 73 (pdf version), note 1, 

and we provided an emulation on Windows 2000): see ?dyn.oad
                                            ^          ^^
                                            1          2 

cut ")" and dyn.load


writing R extensions
5.2 Interface functions .C and .Fortran

For .C only you can specify an ENCODING argument 

now also for .Fortran ;)


R Installation and Administration
1.2 Getting patched and development versions

A patched version of the current release, `r-patched' and the current

a comma after `r-patched'


I also would like to close bug/wishlist #9613 ... It was a
juvenile mistake!  :)

Thank you, 

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