[Rd] [Rcpp-devel] GPL and R Community Policies (Rcpp)

Gavin Simpson gavin.simpson at ucl.ac.uk
Thu Dec 2 08:51:42 CET 2010

On Wed, 2010-12-01 at 20:24 -0500, Dominick Samperi wrote:
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> > Just to be clear I have never used the package and am not truly
> > commenting on this particular case but only the general ideas in this
> > thread.  Also I was not suggesting that the comments in the code were
> > purposefully misleading, only that they might be misleading since they
> > could be interpreted in terms of contribution even though they are
> > stated in terms of lines of code.  The author of the phrase may very
> > well have felt that the current team had done a lot of work to add
> > design ideas and develop and promote the software but perhaps the
> > unfortunate way in how it was expressed in that phrase that came out
> > as a seeming comment on the original creator's contribution rather
> > than the intended comment on their own, presumably also significant,
> > contribution.
> >
> There is no reason given why this
> should happen now, at this moment, and no explanation why
> the same standard should not be applied to other package authors,
> including other authors of Rcpp.


You feel you are the aggrieved party so of course you will find
conspiracy in the timing. An equally plausible explanation is that the
current set of developers on Rcpp intended to alter the "contributions",
to better reflect the current state of the package, some time ago but it
slipped through the cracks.

You are predisposed to see the bad where non may exist. But also, you
should be discussing this in private with the package developers.

There is nothing in this thread of relevance to R-devel (other than to
publicly refute your claims so as to balance the record should someone
come across this in the archives) as this has nothing to do with
developing R. There is no-one here who can speak for the "R Community",
because such a thing is not a concrete entity - you will just get the
opinions of individuals. It is to the credit of this list (R-Devel) that
this has not descended into a vitriolic stream of claim and counter

As for your claims about R Core, Doug has succinctly and clearly
addressed your claims in that regard, regardless what you may personally
believe. Rcpp is *not* an official product of the R Foundation, and
neither is it part of the R distribution.

Can we please take this elsewhere?


> This is not about this particular case, it is about "general ideas"
> along the lines of your original post.
> Thanks,
> Dominick
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