[Rd] segfault interest?

Matt Shotwell shotwelm at musc.edu
Thu Dec 2 22:06:37 CET 2010

On Wed, 2010-11-24 at 12:12 -0500, ivo welch wrote: 
> I just figured out what is happening.  The root drive (presumably OSX
> virtual memory) becomes depleted.  The error message about "memory not
> mapped" was a hint, too.  So, not really R's fault.  However, I wonder

It still may be R's fault. This segfault occurs because R (or third
party code called by R) attempts to access memory beyond what is
allocated/mapped. It's very likely a programming error. A bug report is
warranted, subject to Duncan's earlier comments. 

Does the segfault only occur when a memory limit is reached?

The top five functions in your traceback (below) are all defined in the
base package...


 *** caught segfault *** 
address 0xdc3f9b48, cause 'memory not mapped'
 1: rep.int(seq_len(nx), rep.int(rep.fac, nx))
 2: rep.int(rep.int(seq_len(nx), rep.int(rep.fac, nx)), orep)
 3: expand.grid(seq_len(nx), seq_len(ny))
 4: merge.data.frame(d, ss)
 5: merge(d, ss)
 6: valid.range(opt)
 7: eval.with.vis(expr, envir, enclos)
 8: eval.with.vis(ei, envir)
 9: source("fut-into-opts.R")

> whether R can be made to abort more gracefully, or at least trap the
> error message and translate it into something more meaningful ("you
> have run out of [virtual] memory when executing 'R statement' ").  of
> course, this may not be possible at all.
> /iaw
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