[Rd] R with ATLAS avoids Linux cpu affinity

Chris Jewell chris.jewell at warwick.ac.uk
Mon Dec 6 20:58:36 CET 2010

On 6 Dec 2010, at 16:03, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> AFAICT R should not alter CPU affinity.  So if I were you I'd swap the BLAS
> implementation and try again.  As you are on Ubuntu, you can try the MKL that
> comes with the (now a littler older) Revolution R in Ubuntu 9.10; otherwise I
> can highly recommend the GotoBLAS2 helper package listed in my paper for a
> local GotoBLAS2 built.   The script may be out of sync with the fairly recent
> license change of GotoBLAS2 (to the more liberal BSD license permitting
> redistribution).  With some luck we will GotoBLAS2 deb packages in future
> Debian and Ubuntu releases.

Thanks for the comments, Dirk.  I take your point about ATLAS having the cores compiled in.  I have replaced ATLAS with ACML, and all works fine.



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