[Rd] (PR#14226) -- Re: libgfortran misplaced in Mac OS X R install (PR#14226)

Michael Spiegel ms6ep at cs.virginia.edu
Wed Mar 3 18:01:00 CET 2010

I am the guy who compiles the OpenMx binaries.  We would be delighted
to place our package on CRAN, once the project is stable enough so
that we are comfortable releasing it to the larger public.  Let's try
to track down where I made a mistake.  Our Makevars.in file contains
the line:


In addition, on the build machine I noticed that a copy of
libgfortran.2.dylib exists at /usr/local/lib.  I believe the Xcode
install placed a copy of it there.  To create the binary release, I
run  R CMD INSTALL --build.  The beta test users install the package
using the following script:

On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 9:48 AM, Tim Brick <tbrick at virginia.edu> wrote:
>> From: Simon Urbanek <simon.urbanek at r-project.org>
>> Date: March 3, 2010 8:32:52 AM MST
>> To: tbrick at virginia.edu
>> Cc: r-devel at stat.math.ethz.ch, R-bugs at r-project.org
>> Subject: Re: [Rd] libgfortran misplaced in Mac OS X R install (PR#14226)
>> This is not an R bug so please don't abuse R-bugs. It is likely a bug in the way OpenMx binaries are distributed by someone (you didn't even say where you got them from) - OpenMx is not even on CRAN so take that to whoever gave you the binaries. On CRAN we use the correct paths.
>> Cheers,
>> Simon
>> On Mar 2, 2010, at 11:45 , tbrick at virginia.edu wrote:
>>> Full_Name: Timothy Brick
>>> Version: 2.10
>>> OS: Mac OS X (seen on both 10.6 and 10.5)
>>> Submission from: (NULL) (
>>> When using install.packages in R on Mac OS X, packages that require gfortran
>>> throws an error (Example below from installation of OpenMx package):
>>> Loading required package: OpenMx
>>> Error in dyn.load(file, DLLpath = DLLpath, ...) :
>>> unable to load shared library
>>> '/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/library/OpenMx/libs/i386/OpenMx.so':
>>> dlopen(/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/library/OpenMx/libs/i386/OpenMx.so,
>>> 6): Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/libgfortran.2.dylib
>>> Referenced from: /Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/library/OpenMx/libs/i386/OpenMx.so
>>> Reason: image not found
>>> libgfortran.2.dylib does exist, but in
>>> /Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/2.10/Resouces/lib/libgfortran.2.dylib
>>> (or /2.9/, depending on version installed).
>>> A workaround at present involves creating a symbolic link from the above file to
>>> /usr/local/lib/libgfortran.2.dylib, however this requires sudo access and is
>>> confusing for novice users.
>>> There is more discussion of this bug as it relates to OpenMx at:
>>> http://openmx.psyc.virginia.edu/thread/316
>>> Posts on other forums indicate a similar issue with other packages including
>>> vegan and lme4:
>>> http://r-forge.r-project.org/forum/forum.php?thread_id=728&forum_id=194
>>> https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/r-sig-mac/2009-May/006210.html
>> Those are very old posts and those were temporary issues in the CRAN build system that have been promptly resolved.

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