[Rd] for help on building a R package with several R function and a bunch of c, c++

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Mon Mar 8 18:37:53 CET 2010


Can you _please_ stop spamming r-devel?  Romain and I repeatedly pointed the
existence of the rcpp-devel list out to you. Please consider using it.

There are existing packages that use what you want to try use. I find it
beneficial to start from a _working example_.  Take e.g. the earthmovedist
package on R-Forge, try to understand how it works and how it makes use of
Rcpp and adapt your use case to what works.  If it fails, send pointed
messages with repeatable examples and clear error message to an appropriate
list, eg rcpp-devel. 


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